Uncle Ike's Trail Ride

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and tell you a little about our ride. 

Uncle Ike's Trail Ride has been taking visitors on horseback through the Ozark hills since 1970.

Many of our trails date back to the 1800's. Uncle Ike was the postmaster of Notch, Mo. when the mail carrier was still on horseback. Shaded, old trails cut through more than 150 acres of ozarks. We take a lot of pride in our healthy horses and skillful guides. Our trail rides are taken at a walk, single file. We enjoy a reputation for safety and well cared for and loved animals. To my knowledge, our trail ride has been in operation consecutively longer than any other in our area. We take care of your family.

We are no longer in business.


Missouri has the 'equine law' and signs are posted on site.  There are risks to being around equine.

We hope to see you this season!

Physical address:

8393 West Hwy. 76  Notch, Mo. - between Branson and
Branson West 1/4 mile west of Indian Point Rd. on 76 Hwy.

Phone: 417-338-8449

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